About Us

As CA Games, we concentrate on creating products that will make the participation of all family members possible and also groups of friends. Together with our expert teams, we prepare the graphic and conceptual designs of our products in a way that brings children and adults together by sharing the same excitement. The groundwork of our products is created to make a contribution to socialization, mental development, and learning skills of children together with entertainment. In this context, our collaborations with global brands and investments in licensing carry on. On top of that, as CA Games, what makes us different is that we bring high-quality family games, which are created by our own content and design, and which are highly favored on the shelves, to the sector instead of imitating the products of global brands. Since it is a significant advancement for a brand in Turkey to achieve this, we regard it as of immense value in terms of how the sector will benefit from this progression. We have focused all our energy and motivation firstly to reach our target point in the domestic market and then to become an in-demand Turkish brand in the regional market. Setting sight on becoming the top quality and the largest domestic manufacturer within the shortest time with its range of products and export leg in the area of its own groups of products in the actively growing market of Turkey, CA Games has taken a big step towards its aim of becoming the leading firm in the sector.